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House Identity Crisis: Wrongly Sorted

When my ex boyfriend couldn’t comprehend why I was sobbing on his bed after the Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw and not Gryffindor, I should have known, ultimately in the end, our relationship would not work out.

Fandom Flirting: Dos and Don’ts

Let’s not sugar coat it. When there’s a bunch of geeky people, all with varying levels of age and experience, and whole lot of hormones running rampant around a hotel or convention center for a weekend–things are gonna get steamy.

On Conflicts, Complacency, and Consent in Fandom

We’re gonna have some real talk here everyone. So trigger warning: sexual and emotional abuse. If you are not familiar with the YouTube consent and abuse issues that came to light last March, you can educate yourself here.

My Dad Took Me To My First Convention

Sunday, I sat down with my parents for almost two hours to talk about my early days of fandom, and why they ever let me run wild on the internet almost 10 years ago. It was exciting to look back on days I’ve since forgotten, remembering how much I’ve sacrificed,

Fwooper Foundation Launches Animal Care Campaign

This week, the newest Harry Potter fan activist group, the Fwooper Foundation, launched!

New Year, Old Fandom

Every year, New Years rolls around, and I’m once again faced with the desire to cram every single person that has ever altered my life in some way into a room and ring in the new year with them. Instead, New Years happens hour by hour

All Our Fictional Boyfriends

Let’s not lie to ourselves or to each other. We know you used to stand around in your kitchen, stirring your Kraft mac and cheese after school or work, pretending that your latest fictional obsession was standing next to you and you were in their universe.