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On Conflicts, Complacency, and Consent in Fandom

We’re gonna have some real talk here everyone. So trigger warning: sexual and emotional abuse. If you are not familiar with the YouTube consent and abuse issues that came to light last March, you can educate yourself here.

5 of the Most Important YouTube Videos in 2014

My Youtube Level: Texting my friends and asking what the best My Drunk Kitchen is to show at a wine and cheese night with my friends (there actually was no cheese). I bought Grace’s Guide, and only recently found out that Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart are not sisters.

Confessions of a Fangirl

Fangirl. It’s one of the most charged, misinterpreted, reconstructed, and versatile words in pop culture. It describes everyone from the lines at Comic Con to the audience of a One Direction concert; it’s a word that marketing and strategy teams are trying to define

The Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer is Not Perfect: Ruined with a Harmful Joke

With the release of the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, I feel like a large part of the conversation is missing. Especially from websites and outspoken voices that I admire, like The Mary Sue and other popular news outlets that often point out sexual assault and feminist issues.


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