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It feels impossible to imagine a time where we didn’t know if Snape was good or bad, or what the wand order mistake really meant. What if Mark Evans actually was Harry’s long lost brother? Picture some alternate reality where we never jumped online to chat about Oceanic flight 815 or what Jon Snow knows (spoiler: nothing), a world where we wonder how Sherlock survived the Reichenbach fall, alone.

Luckily, we don’t have to.

We all have our fandom friends, our conventions, our tumblr blogs. We frequent our favorite geeky news sites and forums and have folders full of the perfect reaction .gifs.  Now, we want to add our voices to the mix. To be that back corner room, dimly lit, with our favorite cup of coffee or tea waiting for you, so we can discuss, theorize, agree, disagree, reminiscent, explore, and laugh. With you.

Here on Fantastic Fandoms, no one is going to tell you that what you love isn’t important, or that fandom is a waste of time or not doing anything for you. We’re here to cultivate engaging, smart discussion centered around our fictional obsessions. The books we read, the TV shows we watch, the fanfiction we write but are too afraid to post it online, this is what we’re here to talk about, because this is what’s important to us. This is what we chat about in our free time. Let’s keep that conversation going.

So this is our sorting hat song, our night’s watch oath, our volunteer to tribute. We have clear eyes, and we have full hearts, and we can’t lose. Sit down with us, and let’s talk about your favorite OTP or plot twist, and let’s think about all of our favorite characters that we have loved and lost, though they are never really gone.

We all may be a little different. But we’re all the same kind of different, together .

This is real for us. This is Fantastic Fandoms; where after all this time, your feelings are always welcome.

artwork by Wes Fjeldheim

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