Missed Mindy Connections

by Proma Khosla and Radhika Menon

JUNE 2011 | Pretty in Pink: Main St., Ann Arbor, MI

In the summer of 2011, we found out that a movie starring Jason Segel would be filmed on our college campus. It was one of our first brushes with celebrity – we were big fans of How I Met Your Mother and our campus had just hosted the elusive George Clooney for a movie shoot with Ides of March. But this wasn’t like Clooney’s shoot, a mere week in the middle of another unforgiving Michigan winter. This was #springinaa, our sophomore year spring term – a few months of minimal class and maximum time spent outside, watching movies, and taking in the campus.

On one fine spring day, Segel’s film shoot was scheduled between Main Street and Ashley. We clamored to the location after a particularly dry Communications Studies class, sweating in our…

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