Fandom Favorites Volume 3

Looking for a new TV show to watch, podcast to listen to, or book to read? We’ve got your back. Here’s what we’re into right now at Fantastic Fandoms.


It’s a snack, a #brand, a lifestyle, and once you’ve embraced it, you can’t go back.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Proma: My roommate is watching for the first time and I am rewatching with her and we just started Book 3 and spoiler alert everything is still perfect.


Proma: Okay I know this movie came out on July 17th but I only just saw it and was thoroughly pleased. The movie got above-average reviews and reception overall, but after my experience with the debacle of Fantastic Four , it was everything I wanted and more. P A U L R U D D is excellent as ever, slightly underutilized but making the most of every snark and scene he gets. Corey Stoll plays villain Darren Cross, a name which only gets funnier with each utterance (of which there are dozens). There’s also a particularly hilarious moment when Evangeline Lilly talks about a plane crash – basically I’m just a sucker for irony, which is why I almost wept during the post-credits Captain America crossover scene and start counting down the days until Captain America: Civil War.

The Martian

Proma: If you ask anyone at FF, objectively, space is the coolest . The Martian hits theaters October 2nd, but Andy Weir’s novel is a riveting read that’s easy to get through before then. It’s pretty technical, with Mars-stranded astronaut Mark Watney narrating a lot of detailed physics and biology, but the urgency of Watney’s fight for survival is never lost (also, I definitely have a crush on him). Parts of the novel read like a screenplay, which would be questionable if it weren’t poised to be a brilliant and blockbusting movie.

Olivia: that I intend to buy ASAP so that I don’t lose yet another iPhone 6 (RIP).

STILL WATCHING: Friday Night Lights

Proma It’s been slow going since my roommate (and personal FNL ambassador) wanted to rewatch seasons 4 and 5 while I watched them for the first time. We’re a few episodes into s5 and the emotional intensity of Vince Howard + Luke Cafferty is sometimes (always) too much to handle. My favorite character is Tinker and I don’t think I need to explain myself. Missing the Panthers but loving the Lions and not ready for it to end.

Owen Grady and the Raptors, it’s my fictional band name and also my fan fiction.

Olivia: What started off as a secret identity has become part of my Public Personal Brand: You can find my Jurassic World fics on my tumblr .  I haven’t written fanfiction since 2008 and boy have I made a comeback. I started reading these “Character x Reader” fics that are short, one shot type stories on tumblr written in second person point of view. I was hooked. I AM hooked. Immediately. I just knew I had to get involved, and writing them would rewarding and fun. Right now I’m at 400 followers. Will you make 401?

Daniel Radcliffe is the Real Slim Shady

Hannah: This video of our favorite boy wizard doing karaoke may be old news, but it’s all we care about. Still.

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