Fandom Favorites Volume 2

Looking for a new TV show to watch, podcast to listen to, or book to read? We’ve got your back. Here’s what we’re into right now at Fantastic Fandoms.


Proma: This service, sometimes described as “Netflix for movie theaters” (by me) is amazing if you live in one of those cities where movie tickets are more expensive than a nice dinner entree (shoutout to NYC for reaching $15.75 regular adult tickets). For a flat rate of $35/month, MoviePass offers unlimited movie tickets in theaters. It’s easy to get your money’s worth–and much more.

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

Hannah: There are a lot of things about this book that could stress you out. Both books are 1,000 pages. It’s a fantasy. There are only 2 out of the 10 planned books released. Like the beginning of any epic fantasy, it’s a slow start. You have to put in your time. But soon enough, you’ll fall in love with Kaladin and Shardplates and Shallan and gemstones, and the rest will be history. The size and scope of the world Sanderson builds is stunning, and the plot is intricate without being overdone. You can speed through the main points of the story, or get lost in the details of mythology and philosophy. On top of this incredible world, the characters are so human . Maybe it’s cliche to categorize them as relatable or accessible, but just you wait. Pick up this book. Buy it for your Kindle if you’re too intimidated by the size, and maybe you’ll trick yourself into reading it fast.

Peaky Blinders

Proma: There is no accent that affects me so profoundly as the almost-unintelligible thick Northern drawl that fills this BBC drama about Birmingham-based thug Thomas Shelby and his family. Blinders features an excellent cast, including Cillian Murphy and the ever-flawless Helen McCrory (and Sam Neill doing a crazy accent), a badass soundtrack, and cinematography too beautiful for this world.

Thug Life

This Ronald Weasley thug life t-shirt from Redbubble.

Little Omar Cross Stitch

Hannah: I know nothing about cross stitch, and everything about The Wire. When I saw this kit on Etsy, I knew it had to be mine. Once I figure out what a back stitch means, “The Cheese Stands Alone” is going to be the most prized addition to my living room gallery wall. Maybe I should have just purchased it .

This Side of Paradise

Proma: I love me some F. Scott, but since his books are so few and far between I’ve tried to space them out (I’m basically Desmond Hume with Charles Dickens except I’m not trying to plan when I die). This Side of Paradise , purchased at the Webster Library in New York City for the lovely price of $3, follows the egotistical but intriguing Amory Blaine from childhood onward. I can’t get enough of how Fitzgerald uses language. Are we even capable of this kind of eloquence anymore? Apart from being astounded by the structure of every sentence, I see in Paradise the seeds of so many classic bildungsroman that followed, which proves the importance and longevity of Fitzgerald’s work.

Fantastic Beasts

Eddie Redmayne. That’s all.

Happy Endings

Proma: There are shows that you like and shows that you love and shows that click with you so immediately and thoroughly that you wonder how you went this long without them. Happy Endings ran on ABC from 2010-2013 for three brief and glorious seasons. It’s a classic friend sitcom, but to my particularly sense of humor, it’s laugh-out-loud funny with almost frightening frequency. Just started season 2 and am tempted to draw it out and make it last. #YearOfPenny

Yes, Please , Amy Poehler

Olivia: This book has magical powers. It’s the type of book that doesn’t tell you to get out there and do what you love. It just makes you . And it doesn’t tell you that it’s okay to start from the bottom or a small town in Massachusetts. Multiple times while reading this book, I’ve put it down and jumped into a word doc and started typing. It makes me write. It makes me think. And it does all this without telling me that I should. Simple and beautifully inspiring. Her well-written short sentences create image after image in my mind of everything from her time backstage on SNL to her many waitressing jobs in Chicago.

LOST Soundtrack – Life & Death by Michael Giacchino

Do you like Lost? Do you feel like crying? Do you want to curl up into a ball and pretend like the show isn’t over, and no one is dead, and we’re all just happy and playing golf on the Island? Close your eyes, turn up the volume. It’s time to go back…

True Detective

Hannah: If you haven’t already signed up for HBO Now (how did you watch Game of Thrones?????) it’s time to jump on that bandwagon and catch up with True Detective before Season 2 airs June 21st. I still can only picture the Matthew McConaughey from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (sorry not sorry), but together he and Woody Harrelson are riveting. Come for the creepy serial killer storyline, stay for the messed up detectives trying to solve the case. Also, Tim Riggins is going to be in Season 2. What else could you ask for?


We’re a little bit biased here at Fantastic Fandoms, but our favorite convention, GeekyCon , is next month in Orlando, Florida. Come talk about Lost and dance to Draco & The Malfoys with us.

What are your current fandom favorites?

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