We Will Go To The Paper Towns: Dissecting the Trailer

Hannah: The thought I was having was that one quote:

“The fundamental mistake I had always made—and that she had, in fairness, always led me to make—was this: Margo was not a miracle. She was not an adventure. She was not a fine and precious thing. She was a girl.”

Proma: That’s the most important part of the book and the most important thing it taught me. Our friend Alex said the trailer might be “too cute,” but I think that’s intentional. I think they’re showing us the romantic side of things–the side Q sees–before dismantling it in the full-length film. People who haven’t read the book are seeing this cool, mysterious girl and a great adventure, but there’s so much self-discovery embedded in the full story.
Hannah: I think that’s right. That wasn’t my initial thought, and at first I was like what the heck why are you completely ignoring the whole POINT. Because Paper Towns takes down the manic pixie dream girl thing that people give John Green crap for all the time

Hannah: Other thoughts: Cara Delevingne has the best eyebrows in the game
Rocking the thick brows, a woman after my own heart.
Hannah: People like you and me who have eyebrows that dont quit finally have a chance in life
Proma: Thick eyebrows will be so in this summer and I am like ten steps ahead of the game.
Hannah: this is our moment

Hannah: The gas station scene is one of my favorite John Green moments and I’m super pumped to see that on the screen
Proma: Yes! And I am really a fan of the casting in this overall. Cara isn’t at all what I pictured for Margo but that’s mainly because there was a different girl on the book cover.
Everyone else though was instantly right in my eyes, and Cara is definitely selling Margo in the right way.
Hannah: I was nervous about her initially as well but I’m open to persuasion
Proma: Do you think this movie will have voiceover, like TFiOS did? So much of John Green’s best writing is in the protagonist’s internal monologue, and the only way to get that on film is in voiceovers.
And it was in the trailer so I’m optimistic.
Hannah: Agree. They couldn’t do it without, I don’t think. I don’t see John Green letting it be written a different way
Because I know John Green on a deeply personal level

Hannah: I have to admit though
The last line about Margo being Q’s miracle
I mean…it’s been a while since I read the book so it could be a DIRECT quote
But i was like….ok. I’m excited to dive into why Paper Towns was great, and stuff like that isn’t it for me.
Proma: I don’t think that’s a quote, I think only the first one was a quote. But I’m very excited about this movie. More than TFiOS as well, because Paper Towns is a book from before John Green became a freaking celebrity
Hannah: And I liked it more than TFiOS, as a book
Proma: This book feels personal to the young fans and nerdfighters–and I was still a teenager when I read it, which I wasn’t by the time TFiOS was published.

Proma: I haven’t reread it since high school so I will see.
All the nostalgia is making me remember it only fondly
Hannah: A nostalgia I didn’t really have for TFiOS
Proma: Yeah, same. It’s a beautiful book but this and of course Alaska feel more personal.
Hannah: Don’t even talk to me about Looking for Alaska I will never be ready
If anyone reading this knows the director, plz do help
I have experience
and references
and feels
Hannah: I’ll vouch for you
But yeah, Paper Towns is going to be great. We all know it’s going to be super great, and I’m definitely looking forward to my pre movie reread because it has been a while.
Proma: I think that will be my first official spring read. Can’t wait for July though! So soon!
Hannah: But not soon enough

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