Fwooper Foundation Launches Animal Care Campaign

This week, the newest Harry Potter fan activist group, the Fwooper Foundation, launched! Hoping to align their campaign with the upcoming Fantastic Beasts trilogy, the Fwooper Foundation aims to use the passion of the Harry Potter community to help animals in need.

“The Fwooper Foundation believes that the creatures in our world do have a voice and that they are crying out for our help. Unfortunately, society has cast a Silencing Charm over their pleas for rescue, and that is why it is our job to break it,” says Fwooper Foundation Executive Director Tylor Starr. “Animals who suffer at the hands of the Dark Arts for our food, clothing, and entertainment are abused in the worst ways imaginable. We all can choose to be like Hermione Granger and help make our world a better place for the real fantastic beasts.”

Interested in getting involved? Head over to http://www.fwooperfoundation.org/ to learn about the foundation’s first campaign, Breaking the Silencing Charm.

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