5 of the Most Important YouTube Videos in 2014

My Youtube Level: Texting my friends and asking what the best My Drunk Kitchen is to show at a wine and cheese night with my friends (there actually was no cheese). I bought Grace’s Guide , and only recently found out that Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart are not sisters. I guess you could say I’m an intermediate youtube user. But I’ve been following the Vlogbrothers for many years now. I mean, who hasn’t. Anyways, today, Hank Green tweeted this out:

Important , an interesting word choice versus using “popular” or “inspirational” or “influential.” So I took a look into the @replies and pulled out of few of the notable ones. What do you think the most important YouTube videos are of 2014? Leave them in the comments, or tweet us

Laci Green – Sam Pepper Exposed

Please circle one of the following to fill in the blank:

2014 was a(n) _________ year for the YouTube community.

  1. challenging
  2. progressive
  3. emotional
  4. all of the above

You know this video is going to be a powerful one as soon as Laci starts speaking. You can literally hear it in her voice, and this video continued an important conversation on how severely not-okay these prank videos are. Laci addresses the Sam Pepper prank videos and sexual abuse allegations with poise and support for the young women coming forward.

Emma Watson’s UN Speech

Does this wonderful human and powerful feminist speech need any additional commentary? Watch it if you haven’t already. Though you probably have.

Meghan Tonjes – Dear Instagram

Meghan Tonjes body positive messages are everything I wish I could go back and play for 16 year old me. She calls Instagram out on their bullshit in a perfectly sound rhetorical argument for removing a picture of her booty. She doesn’t even seem to take the fact that Instagram removed one of her photos personally, she just tells it how it is. At the end of the video, she opens the conversation up to her viewers, and recognizes that some people will disagree and it’s beautiful.

Grace Helbig – Welcome to It’s Grace!

Grace had quite the 2014, with her aforementioned book release and an expose in . She launched her new channel It’s Grace due to a contract ending with the My Damn Channel and lost ownership of all her content and her 2.5 million describers. Grace literally had to start over . John Green explains the situation quite eloquently over on his tumblr. This is way Grace is one of my role models. To have to start over and rebrand yourself is so exhausting, but she did it, and this first video with a montage of *gasps* from a plethora of YouTubers illustrate what a supportive community has been created.

Hank Green – Sexual Abuse, Consent, and Culture

Personally, I think this video takes the slot as “most important” this year. Please send me other videos if you think I am wrong. Complete with a trigger warning at the beginning and a ridiculously effective (ridiculous and effective) metaphor to explain predator/prey relationships, this video faces head on the issues of consent and defines it in a community that so much needed reminding. In times of troubling current events, I have always turned to John and Hank Green to help me sort my tangled thoughts into understanding and guidance. The video ends with a plan for positive change in our communities and links to other important videos explaining consent .

Bonus: Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Because this video has changed my shopping habits to everything black lace for 2015.

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