A Fandom Thanksgiving

unnamed (6) When we sit down and think about everything fandom has given us, it can be overwhelming. Like really, really overwhelming. The amount of people, friendships, and memories we have, all because J.K Rowling was on a delayed train and thought up a little boy under the stairs, with out of control black hair and a scar on his head. It’s incredible.

There’s a lot to be thankful for.

We’re thankful for the days where that “do not disturb” sign disappeared off the magical door on JKR’s old website. We’re thankful for the people that sat and refreshed that page until it happened and let the rest of us know.

We’re also pretty thankful that Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storge was never actually a real title.

Thank you to the parents, who every year, get dragged to conventions to chaperone their kids but secretly (or not so secretly) love it. We’re thankful for the weddings that come out of our communities, and the love that is discovered and created between the pages of our tear stained John Green books. Thankful for those one of a kind connections we make, the casual acquaintances that turn into best friends.

Years ago we stumbled into internet chatrooms against all better judgement and advice, and now these random screen names are our closest confidants. Through podcasts and message boards and Facebook groups we’ve found each other. How cool is that? It’s because of fandom that we have friends all around the world, in different states and countries, who are always just an email away.

Thank you fandom, for giving us a reason to travel, and to explore, to write and create. A place where we can be out of our mind excited and passionate about something and no one – NO ONE – will ever tell us to take it down a notch.

Fandom has given us the voice that we didn’t realize we had before. The confidence to speak up and say “no, I really think it’s Harry and Hermione,” and for someone else to say “no, you’re delusional!” and then for J.K Rowling to prove us all wrong (or right?) 8 years later. The courage to write again, to sing in public, to be exactly who we want to be. For role models that show us “hey, maybe I can really make a life doing what I love.”

We’re thankful for bands who write music about the books that we like, so we can dance with reckless abandon in our cosplay, crafted with sweat, tears, and dragon’s blood. To don our bowties, yeah–they’re cool, and hell yes, this is my fez. A place where it’s okay to want to catch them all, and to be the very best. A place where you can carry on, my wayward son. A place where we can be exactly who we want to be.

A special thank you to all the hotel staff who have cleaned up after so many of our parties. We’re sorry.

We’re thankful for the poster we saw one morning on the metro, advertising A Dance With Dragons in the summer of 2011. And thank you, Amazon Prime, for delivering it two days later. We’re thankful for Netflix, for streaming episodes of Doctor Who, and not so thankful for taking down Battlestar Galactica right after we got invested. Thank you Slate Serial Spoiler Special, for making a podcast about another podcast, further justifying our need to spend 10-15 hours a week on reddit.com/r/serialpodcast/ .

And we guess you could say, in no small way, we’re thankful to Al Gore for inventing the internet.

But honestly, here at Fantastic Fandoms, were mostly just thankful for you. Thanks for supporting our little project. Thanks for liking the same stuff we like. These friendships and connections, this is what it’s all about. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. You’re our kind of people.

What are you thankful for? Leave a comment, or tweet us @Fandom Matters.


  1. habibilamour · · →

    Nawwwwww! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in my country but I’m thankful for all of that stuff too

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  2. I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

    I’m thankful for that first LeakyCon that I went to in Chicago that convinced me I’m could make friends without hiding my inner dork. I’m thankful for the FanFiction that got me through between books. For the updates that I squeed over almost as much (maybe sometimes more!) as a canon update.

    I’m thankful for the stage and for everyone who has encouraged me in my love of it. For the people who gave me roles, taught me how to do things, and gave me advice.

    I’m thankful for the new things I’ve been introduced to because someone said “hey so you like sci-fi, right?” For the friends I have around the world, who made it not so scary to move across the county. I’m thankful for the people who send me Christmas cards and birthday cards and “hey ding-dong, I was thinking of you today” cards.

    I’m thankful for parents who encouraged me to read. Who never told me to stop believing in Disney. Parents who said “you have to go for it!” when I had the chance to move across the county and who will welcome me with open arms if I ever have to move back. For a brother who might be a little bit of a jerk, but I’m a jerk back and its how we show we care about each other.

    I’m thankful for a job where I can talk to people all day. A job that lets me make tiny amounts of magic for kids. A job where I am encouraged to go see the latest Marvel movie, where I get tickets to go see a concert, where I can go to Disneyland all the time.

    I’m thankful that I’m here. I’m thankful for those people in senior year of high school who told me that they’d support me when things were going bad. For the high school councilors who said that I could hide in their offices until I calmed down.

    I’m thankful for so much this year, because I forget to say it so often. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  3. I’m grateful for your awesome faces.


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